Athlete Development Pyramid

Build strong foundations for greater performance outcomes

Zone Performance Coaching’s Athlete Development model comes from the Functional Movement Screen System (FMS) developed by Exercise Physiologists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches Gray Cook, Lee Burton and Keith Fields.

Under the FMS model, the foundations of functional movement need to be set before functional performance and functional skill can be achieved.  In supporting our Athletes, we assess the movement of the Athlete and identify opportunities for improving overall power, speed, strength and reducing the risk of injury.  We ensure every Athlete works towards establishing a strong foundation to then build on their performance and fine tune their sports skills.

Before performance-based outcomes can be achieved to the Athlete’s full potential, the body should be free of restrictions and free of imbalances.  We ensure that the Athlete does not add additional load to their training efforts until there is confidence in the sound movement of the body and the foundations are set to progress with the added challenge.  Athletes are educated on the need for releasing (soft tissue work), mobility (joint range of movement) and stability (to make us more efficient) in movement and follow a program to support this.  When the foundations are strong and stable, and movement is fluid, we progress the Athlete’s training to focus on functional performance – change of direction work/agility, landing skills/responsiveness, efficiency, speed, power, strength, core stability.  The Athlete learns to train smarter not always harder.

Investing in ensuring strong and stable foundations leads to fitter, faster, stronger and more responsive Athletes.  Injury risk is reduced, and performance output increased.  The Athlete’s true potential is unlocked.  Zone Performance Coaching’s Athlete Development Pyramid provides a guide for training progression and ultimately influences the Athlete’s potential for quality results.  It is the building block for continued development from education to application to outcome.  Zone Performance Coaching offers total commitment to long term Athlete Development supporting and guiding every Athlete from recreational runner to those striving for the next podium finish or to become more effective in their chosen sport.  The principles and ongoing commitment apply to all our Athletes.  We take the Athlete from assessment to performance.  We educate and enable our Athletes to enhance and to excel in their personal fitness endeavours with the application of the Athlete Development Pyramid.